Almost every vehicle brought to a collision repair facility has some type of non-structural damage. A collision repair technician repairs damage to plastic, aluminum, and steel exterior panels. … Non-structural parts, including trim, may be bolted, clipped, adhesively bonded, riveted, or welded onto the vehicle.


Structural Body Repair

What is Structural Body Repair?

Anything that is bolted onto the car is considered as part of its structure. Structural damage is where the car has been involved in an incident which has rendered the shape of the vehicle or panels irreparable by the usual process of panel beating. Often in such cases the chassis of the vehicle will be banked; in such cases our qualified team will ensure that there are no dangerous structural issues with the car which would render it unsafe to repair or use before we can replace the panels or parts on your vehicle. In events of major damage to a vehicle, our technicians have the skills to essentially break the car in two to stretch and realign the two damaged halves. This can be a timely and costly option so please speak to our team to discuss all options available to you.

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