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Alloy wheel refurbishment

What is alloy wheel refurbishment?

Alloy wheel refurbishment is a process to be carried out by professionals only; at The Dent Centre our technicians have a wealth of experience in refurbishment to ensure the best service for your vehicle. In order to prepare for the alloy wheel refurbishment, the tyres are removed from the wheels and stripped to ensure the maximum adhesion of any finish, there is no damage to the wheels from this process. The wheel is blasted to remove any dirt or corrosion that has gathered. After the preparation has taken place, damage on the alloy is noted and any minor damage is sanded or buffed, major damage is filled and sanded before painting takes place. A base coat of paint is then painted onto the smooth wheel clockwise by our talented team. A clear coat of lacquer is applied to finalise the job, giving you a pristine finish.


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